Getting Laid Off And How That Affects Other's Opinions Of You (Pun Not Included)

When people hear that you aren't employed it's an immeadiate red mark against you. When you are first laid off they may offer you some sympathy, but it doesn't last long. In the dating world it lasts an even shorter period of time. Your potential mates want someone who can help support them instead of being relied on to support you themselves. Now, I've know the odd guys and girls who actively search out people to date by how they can support their non-existant work habits, but this is different; Unemployment is at record highs. It's just interesting how one small change in your life can impact you on so many levels.

What I'm lookin forward to: Laid Off, Now What? is getting a refresh very soon with a late 2009 edition! Its an interesting read, full of insight into why you most likely got laid off and how to turn it around. Also, another invaluable tool is this read on building the perfect resume. Best of luck job-seekers in employment and relationships!

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