Funny Fridays: Business Cards and the Rich Jerks Who Own Them

I found this ridiculous video the other day and just had to share it. Its a little old but I'm sure some of you have yet to see it and that just won't do. Apparently, when you get rich you can act like a jerk.

This guy claims to make several million dollars a year on the internet doing practically nothing. Well, except for being a jerk of course. His website is almost worth the read for the same unreal attitude it exudes. I'm almost sure that this is an act used to drum up business. If it is, its most certainly working.

Real or not; it does remind me of this great scene from American Psycho, a movie I wasn't particularly fond of for its graphic nature, but one that has a few standout moments such as this.

Remember laughing is healthy and pop-up business cards are all the rage.

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