Welcome to Blogging A Better Life!

This post was originally about me and how I decided to start this blog, but that information is useless. 
I decided to rewrite it, so that I might be able to convey that this blog is about bettering one's self. These are things I have learned and things that I am investigating in a bid to develop myself in a positive way.

There will be posts that focus on books as I like them. There will be posts focusing on silly videos, because I also like them. For the most part, there will be articles about self development and inspiration. Tips to make your life more productive and the tools to make it easier.

It's also a reminder that failure is only bad the moment it happens, because its implications on you are positive in the long run. We should learn from the mistakes that brought us to failure; share it with others so that they may learn from our mistakes. In the end everyone wins.

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